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Top questions about traveling therapist jobs 
 Therapy Staff Star  April 2011
April is Occupational Therapy Month -   Therapy Staff wants to recognize our Occupational Therapist and Occupational Therapy Assistants for a job well done!  Thank you for all you do!
 Therapist Success Story
Scott Henry, Physical Therapist

Scott Henry is our latest and greatest traveling Physical Therapist. Originally from the Columbus, Oh area, Scott thought it would be a good idea to become a traveling PT so he could see the world. He loved it so much, he has been traveling now for over 14 years. He is currently on an assignment in Homer, Alaska, one of his favorite states to go to. He loves Alaska because of the dramatic differences in landscape, industry and wildlife. His favorite hobbies are fishing and hiking, but international travel is what he loves best. Australia, New Zealand, and Great Britain are some of his favorite destinations. Scott knows that being a traveling therapist gives him the financial freedom to really live life to the fullest!

Upcoming Career Fairs We’d love to meet you at... 
AOTA Annual Convention
Pennsylvania Convention Center
1101 Arch St.
Philadelphia, PA
April 14th - 17th 
University of Indianapolis
Schweitzer Student Center
1400 E Hanna Ave
Indianapolis, IN
April 16th
4:40 pm - 7:00 pm
Ohio State University
OSU Student Union
1739 N High Street
Columbus, OH
April 28th, 2011 
Employee Spotlight  
Kellae Griffin
Staffing Manager, Therapy Staff, LLC
Plymouth, MI  
1.What do you love about your job? I love working with all of the different therapists.  Everyone has different personalities so the job never gets boring! 
2.What was your strangest job?  I haven’t had any strange jobs, for the most part, they have all been normal. I did work at McDonalds as a teenager and one day while flipping fries, another employee bumped into me and the basket dropped on my arm and burned me.  I haven’t felt the same about McDonalds since.  
3.What is your favorite thing to do outside of Therapy Staff? I love to spend time with my daughter Jasmine!  She is the best thing that has ever happened to me!  Oh and I guess I like hanging with my fiancé too! 
4.What is your favorite movie? Kill Bill 2
5.What is your favorite food? Lasagna!  
6.What is the best advice you ever got?  Money isn’t everything and you can’t put a value on the things in life that really cost the most!
7.Can you tell us an interesting fact about yourself? I like staying on the ground!  Which means, I don’t like flying and I don’t like heights!  I like to feel the ground
  Little Additions
Trevor Nickerson – Congratulations to the Nickersons on the birth of their son Trevor born 1/27/2011
 New Office Location
Our Corporate office
  705 South Main Street, Suite 220
Plymouth, MI 48170
New corporate phone number
New fax number
Top questions about traveling therapist jobs 
What is Travel Therapy? Travel Therapy assignments typically place therapists on 13–week and/or longer contracts, in facilities from coast–to–coast. Each of our recruiters are experts at getting to know you and your needs, preferences and expectations. We help you with all of your travel details including licensing and state compliance, transportation, housing and other key areas to make sure that finding a new job has never been easier.
Why is Travel Therapy a Positive Choice? Some therapists travel to explore the country, while others do it receive better compensation and test out new settings. While a lot depends on the individual, most therapists choose a travel career for a combination of location, pay, benefits, and professional opportunities.

What are the Requirements to Travel? To work as a travel therapist, you must have a valid degree in your area of practice from an accredited healthcare professional program in the United States and have passed the national licensure exam. Therapists with educations obtained outside of the United States are also eligible but may require additional education or licensure

Where can I go as a Travel Therapist? As a travel therapist, you have the flexibility to go almost anywhere in the country. We have therapy and rehab positions from coast to coast, in small towns and large cities. When you speak with your recruiter, you'll be able to specify your top preferences and we will give our best effort to find you the travel therapy job that matches your criteria.FAQ

Can I travel with my pet(s)? Yes, although you will be responsible for any pet deposits or damages. Please note that some large pets may be difficult to accommodate in corporate housing. You should discuss your needs with your recruiter.

Does Therapy Staff have assignments in different settings? Yes, we have assignments in a range of settings, including outpatient clinics, hospitals, post acute centers, inpatient rehab facilities, pediatric settings, schools, skilled nursing facilities and more. We contract with all types of healthcare providers throughout the United States, so our travelers enjoy a variety of assignments.

Do I have to sign a contract and travel with you for a year? No. You will have the opportunity to thoroughly review all potential opportunities before accepting, and you’re only obligation is to complete an assignment that you accept.

May I work in an assignment for longer than three months? Yes, as long as the client still has an opening and wants you to stay longer.

May I travel with my family? Yes, your family is welcome to travel with you. Therapy Staff will be happy to find larger housing if you need it; however, the expense for the additional space if it is needed will be your responsibility.

Will I have to work with different recruiters when I change assignments? No, the same team of travel professionals will work with you throughout your employment with Therapy Staff. Our centralized Travel Team will take care of you, no matter where you go.

What happens to my benefits if I move from state to state? Your benefits remain the same. The PPO medical and dental insurance plans provide nationwide coverage.  If you are currently on our Michigan benefits you will be changed to a nationwide plan when you start traveling.

 We offer CPR classes to our therapist in our Plymouth, MI office please contact Adrian or Savanna for more details by calling 734-354-8000
Please send all time sheets to your local office after the completion of your shift on Friday or Saturdays.
 Referral Bonus
$$$$$$$- Give us a call to get the details of our incredible referral bonus program. 
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